was founded to offer best suited capital solutions with a view on long term client relationship.

Polestar — The Guiding Principle

Polestar is one of the brightest star which is aligned with the Earth’s axis of rotation. Being in the line of Earth’s axis of rotation, its position virtually remains fixed when viewed from Earth, making it guiding principle in the celestial navigation. Polestar has been used for navigation since time immemorial and find its reference in Greek, Hindu and Chinese Mythology. In Hindu Mythology it is referred to as Dhruv Tara.

Polestar Capital’s endeavor is to act as the guiding principle for its valuable clients to help them navigate through appropriate capital solutions for their businesses.


Polestar Capital is a boutique Investment Bank that works closely with large marquee organizations as well as mid-sized corporates to help them provide both Debt and Equity solutions. The Firm not only works with corporates but also with their Promoters to help them raise all forms of Capital. Polestar Capital’s strategy is client led and it offers an objective and transparent advisory platform with independent due diligence.

We primarily focuses on Structured Finance, Private Finance, Private Equity and Venture Capital. We work across the debt and equity spectrum and have capability to deliver from high grade to high yield capital solutions depending upon our client’s requirement. Our Institutional Investor coverage spans across global as well as domestic investors such as Banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Pension Funds, Credit Opportunity Funds, Real Money Funds, Hedge Funds, Foreign Portfolio Investors etc. The team collectively has experience of over seven decades with bulge bracket investment banks and has delivered over US$40.0 bn of capital solutions over the past several years.

Our Approach

Polestar Capital was founded to offer our clients best suited capital solutions with a view of long term continuing relationship. Ours is never a transactional approach. We never approach a client with an intent to get a deal done. We always approach our clients with an intention to add value to their business should there be an opportunity as we are not conflicted or driven by short term objectives. There are very few investment banks that offer its client true independent advise that creates long term value. Most of the time they are conflicted as they are owned by large financial conglomerates cross selling multiple products and not necessarily offering the best possible solution.

We also thrive in unique special situations that most will avoid digging deeper due to time and effort taken and in some cases intellectual capital required. We work with passion and handhold the client at every stage of the capital raising process.

Our Value Proposition

    • Active across Capital structure with specific emphasis on Structured Finance and Private Equity.
    • Delivers value equally to Issuer as well as Investors through bespoke customized solutions.
    • World class structuring, execution and distribution capability.
    • Access to International Institutional Investors such as Foreign Portfolio Investors, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Venture Capitalists, Pension Funds, Sovereign Wealth Fund, Multilateral Agencies.
    • Access to non-traditional Onshore as well as Offshore Investors like Family Offices, Real Money Funds, Special Situation and Alternate Financing Desks.
    • Undertakes own structuring, due-diligence before engaging with investors and backing only those opportunity that convinces the team.

Community Service

At Polestar Capital we believe in giving back to the society and actively contribute towards the cause of educating girl child as we believe educating a girl child is equivalent to educating a family.