Polestar advises on US$ 300.0 mn Alternate Finance to one of the largest NBFCs


Polestar acted as an Advisor to an Indian Conglomerate (“Group”) to raise Alternate Finance from a large Global Special Situation Fund (“Investor”) against their listed Real Estate portfolio.

Few highlights:

  • Situation - The Group's Balance Sheet was heavily concentrated on wholesale exposure and they wanted to exit some of their large Real Estate exposure and thereby reduce portfolio concentration and use the financing to diversify into retail assets.
  • We helped identify RE assets which could be monetised off balance sheet through one of its kind AIF structure.
  • Post financing, the Group's exposure reduced to the extent of funding and at the same time Investor got seniority over the underlying assets and cashflows – a win-win for both parties involved.
  • The entire deal was underwritten by a single large global Investor.